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The meaning behind “Being Alive” from Company

Since I’m not that familiar with Company, I did some researching on the lyrics and meaning behind the song “Being Alive” and came across this description posted in 2006 from a member of the discussion boards: 

Under a cut for length

Company is a very complex show, but at heart it is about Robert’s inability to understand what relationships are about and the different situations (and people) who lead him to realize that commitment and “company” are very complicated, yes, but ultimately there is so much to win. The first part of “Being Alive” (as performed in the show, the solo versions tend to cut the first part which has always bothered me) tells about Robert’s initial, sometimes superficial, views on relationships and commitment  “Someone to sit in your chair, and ruin your sleep,” “someone to need you too much,” etc. Those views aren’t exactly lies, those are some of the negative elements of a serious relationship; however, as he sings, his friends tell him to look closer and deeper (in my opinion, as Robert performs the first part of the song he is remembering all the previous scenes we saw throughout the show), and then there is a shift in the song and it becomes Robert’s cry of help, Robert’s declaration that he understands there are negative aspects to being in a committed serious relationship, but that another person can make you feel alive, remind you who you are, complement your life. “Someone” becomes “Somebody” and “someone to sit in your chair, and ruin your sleep” turns into “somebody sit in my chair, and ruin my sleep.” It’s Robert’s expression of the needs he realized he had, and his conclusion after all the different moments he experienced throughout the show. (x)

and also this:

The point in the song where it switches from “Someone to hold you too deep” to “SOMEBODY hold me too deep” comes when his friends are telling Robert to make a wish and blow out the candles on his birthday cake. “Make a wish, Robert. WANT something. Want SOMETHING.” 

So, the rest of the song is Robert’s birthday wish. (x)

If you want to read the entire thread, it’s here.

I find this all very fascinating, and see potential parallels to where Kurt is at this point. 

If this is indeed Kurt’s solo, then it may be an avenue of self-realization and awareness that relationships are complicated and complex, but that he still wants that - and that the positive outweighs the negative? 

This doesn’t mean that he will jump back into a relationship with Blaine right way, because personally, I still think it’ll be gradual.

But this does continue to lay the groundwork for a renewing of friendship between the two of them, which is a good lead in for episode 10. 

Just some food for thought and some spec! :)

ETA: I just came to the realization that this also may be a potential  counterpoint to Blaine singing “Dark Side” in episode 7. Wow.

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